Priyanka Krishnamurthy
Editor in Chief
Priyanka Krishnamurthy is a College junior from Dallas, Texas studying philosophy and economics with a concentration in law and ethics. She is an aspiring environmental lawyer. She started writing a fashion column for Student Life her freshman year and later found a passion in writing editorials, especially about existentialism, foreign policy and third wave feminism. She then became Editorials Editor before she became Editor in Chief. She is the president of Feminists in Action at Emory and is involved with WMRE and the Green Bean coffee shop. In her free time, she enjoys drinking espresso on her balcony, reading poems by Mary Oliver, looking at pictures of pugs hanging out with other animals and the cosmos.
Sonam Vashi
Executive Editor
Sonam Vashi is a College junior from Atlanta, Ga. co-majoring in Journalism and Political Science. Before becoming Executive Editor, she joined the Wheel her freshman year as a copy editor and became Copy Chief her sophomore year. She is also the editor-in-chief of WMRE's Frequency Music and Culture Zine, a freelance writer for local alt-weekly Creative Loafing and former General Manager at the Green Bean in Cox Hall. In her free time, Sonam likes rapping OutKast lyrics poorly and forcibly inserting quotes from "The Lord of the Rings" into daily conversation.
Elizabeth Howell
Managing Editor
Elizabeth Howell is a College junior from Atlanta, Ga. joint-majoring in Religion and History with another major in German Studies. Before becoming Managing Editor, she joined the Wheel Editorial Board her freshman year and became Student Life co-editor her sophomore year. The Wheel has been a defining part of her college career, and she is excited to finish out her final year as part of the executive board.
Harmeet Kaur
Copy Chief
Harmeet Kaur is a College junior from Pikeville, Ky. co-majoring in International Studies and Journalism. She began writing for the Wheel at the end of her freshman year and became a staff writer in her sophomore year. Harmeet’s taste buds are probably numb from her love of obnoxiously spicy food, and she carries around crushed red pepper as a casual seasoning. She also has a strange affinity for boats, although she can’t sail.
Benazir Wehelie
Copy Chief
Benazir Wehelie is a College sophomore originally from Johannesburg, South Africa working towards a Film and Media Studies degree. She transferred to Emory her sophomore year and joined the Wheel as Asst. Copy Chief. Having lived in South Africa, Monaco and the United States, Benazir is always ready to travel and experience different areas of the world.​
Karishma Mehrotra
News Editor
Karishma Mehrotra is a College sophomore from Cupertino, Calif. co-majoring in Journalism and International Studies. She is News Co-Editor and can’t wait to continue contributing to the Wheel in the upcoming years. Her laugh is so obnoxiously loud and foreign that she can talk to animals, specifically beached whales and hyenas.
Dustin Slade
News Editor
Dustin Slade is a Goizueta Business School sophomore from Miami, Fla. concentrating in finance and strategy and management consulting. Dustin joined the Wheel‘s Editorial Board his freshman year as Asst. News Editor before becoming News Co-Editor his sophomore year. He is excited to continue contributing to the paper’s growth. He is a brother of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and an avid South Florida sports fan.
Rhett Henry
Editorials Editor
"Rhett Henry is a College junior from Lawrenceville, Ga. He studies Creative Writing and Philosophy, focusing in Poetry and History of Philosophy, respectively. When he isn't at the Wheel, he is the secretary for Feminists in Action (FIA), a coordinator for Scholars Teaching Scholars (STS) and Music Director at WMRE Student Radio. He started out writing album reviews for the Wheel his freshman year, but found his home in the Editorials section. He enjoys progressively ridiculous puns and cultivating his fashion/cultural/spiritual movement "dadpunk."
Emelia Fredlick
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Emelia Fredlick is a College junior from Chicago, Ill. co-majoring in Dance and Journalism. She began writing for the Wheel‘s Arts & Living section in the spring of her freshman year and joined the ranks of the Editorial Board as Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor her sophomore year. In addition to the Wheel, she is a fan of watching black-and-white movies, traveling the world and imbibing multiple vats of coffee at a time.
Jenna Kingsley
Student Life Editor
Jenna Kingsley is a Goizueta Business School sophomore from Palm City, Fla. double-majoring in Marketing and English/Creative Writing. She joined the Wheel’s editorial board as Asst. Student Life Editor her freshman year and hopes to see the section grow as Editor. She loves ballet, peppermint gum and cat-related humor. She spends most of her free time trying to convince her friends to watch "Battlestar Galactica."
Bennett Ostdiek
Sports Editor
Bennett Ostdiek is a College junior from Houston, Texas. He has no idea what he is studying or what he is going to do with his life, but he once hit a home run in Little League. He can throw a frisbee 50 yards with a strong tailwind, has a truly terrific head of hair and tells people that Yale was his backup school.
Ryan Smith
Sports Editor
Ryan Smith is a College sophomore from Philly, Pa. co-majoring in Journalism and American Studies. Ryan joined the Wheel his freshman year as Asst. Sports Editor. He is an avid USF fan, and as such considers it a miracle that he still enjoys sports whatsoever. He runs sometimes.
Tarrek Shaban
Online Editor
Tarrek is a College freshman from Roswell, Ga. majoring in Computer Science and Political Science. Tarrek joined the Wheel earlier this year as part of the web team and has lead the efforts to redesign the Wheel’s website. He is excited to see the Wheel’s new multimedia strategy come to fruition. He is a self-professed Apple enthusiast and follows to many television show to name.
Ashley Bianco
Features Editor
Ashley Bianco is a sophomore from Palm Springs, Calif. majoring in Comparative Literature with a focus on journalism. She was brought up to the Editorial Board as Features Editor as a sophomore and hopes to continue writing for the Wheel in the future. Ashley loves all things with coffee and The New Yorker.
Thomas Han
Photography Editor
Thomas Han is a College sophomore from Los Angeles, Calif. hoping to study marketing and film. Thomas joined the Wheel the fall of his freshman year as a Staff Photographer before becoming Asst. Photography Editor his sophomore year. Back home, he enjoys backpacking and, of course, photography.
Dana Youngentob
Social Media Editor
Dana Youngentob is a College freshman from Potomac, Maryland potentially majoring in Political Science or International Studies. She joined the Wheel the fall of her freshman year as part of the Social Media team. She then became the Social Media Editor during the spring of her freshman year. In addition to the Wheel, she is a sister of Sigma Delta Tau, an Emory Student Ambassador and a member of the women's club soccer team. ​
Rupsha Basu
Asst. News Editor
Rupsha Basu is a College sophomore from Dallas, Texas double majoring in Creative Writing/English and Political Science. She came up to the Wheel as Asst. News Editor at the beginning of her sophomore year. She is a Supreme Court enthusiast and dabbles in chicanery. She hopes to one day visit space.
Stephen Fowler
Asst. News Editor
Stephen Fowler is a College sophomore from McDonough, Ga. studying Communications through Emory’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. He started writing for the Wheel his sophomore year. He has a predilection for bow ties, lame puns and rap music. You can find him posting on every social media site except Myspace.
Hagar Elsayed
Asst. Photography Editor
Hagar Elsayed is a College sophomore from Tucker, Ga. double majoring in Film & Media Studies and Sociology. Hagar began taking photos for the Emory Wheel fall semester of her freshman year until she became Assistant Photo Editor during the spring. Hagar was born in Cairo, Egypt, and has moved 12 times in her life. She is a self-proclaimed cat lady and enjoys filmmaking, photography, Japanese culture, and turtles.
Zak Hudak
Asst. Sports Editor
Zak Hudak is a College freshman from Pittsburgh, Pa. likely majoring in physics and philosophy. He attended The Hill School, a boarding school outside of Philadelphia, where he earned varsity letters in track and baseball and was the Sports Editor and then Editor-in-Chief of The Hill News. While at Hill, Zak was mentored by former Washington Post Editor and Copy Chief of two Pulitzer Prize winning teams, Tony Reid.
Loli Lucaciu
Asst. Student Life Editor
Loli is a freshman from Romania who plans on double majoring in Comparative Literature and French. She is fluent in four languages and enjoys traveling and photography. For the first 16 years of her life, she lived in Transylvania, Romania, the land of Dracula. She has a pronounced accent and shall always roll her Rs. She enjoys great food, sleeping under the stars and walking barefoot in the grass.
Nick Sommariva
Associate Editor
Nicholas Sommariva is a College junior from Albuquerque, N.M. Nick joined the Wheel Editorial Board as Asst. News Editor before becoming News Editor his sophomore year and Associate Editor his junior year.
James Crissman
Associate Editor
James Crissman is a College junior from Graham, N.C. studying Photography through Emory’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. He started taking pictures for the Wheel during the spring semester of his freshman year and stepped up as Asst. Photography Editor in the spring of 2013. His favorite animal is the bison, and he wants to adopt a Great Dane. Or a bison.
Nicholas Bradley
Associate Editor
Nick Bradley is a College junior from Skillman, N.J. co-majoring in Journalism and Spanish. Nick joined the Wheel as Asst. Editorials Editor and later became the Editorials Editor before Features Editor. He’s the host of WMRE’s foremost (and only) rock history radio show, Liner Notes, a pilot of whatever plane he can lay his hands on and a lover of all things Kappa Sigma. He also rocks a bow tie like he was born wearing one.