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Library Offers New iPad, eReader Rental Service

By Joy-Annette Atsegbua Posted: 01/19/2012
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Woodruff Library’s Music and Media Library began a service last month that enables students, faculty and staff to check out first-generation iPads and Nook Color eReaders for two weeks at a time, free of charge.

Seven first generation iPads first became available at the Music and Media Library on Dec. 19, 2011, and three more have since been added, according to Frances Pici, music and media reserves team leader. The Music and Media Library has also made 10 Nook Color eReaders available for rental.

Those interested in using the rental service can check device availability using the library catalog, which is available online and at the library, Pici said.

Students cannot renew iPads or eReaders; if the devices are all being used, students will be unable to reserve them ahead of time.

These new available technologies are meant to “connect students to future electronic content,” Pici explained.

Pici added that the iPad and Nook Color rental service can provide the Emory community with access to a variety of media through a greater range of new technology.

Music and Media Program Development Coordinator Colin Bragg wrote in an email to the Wheel that the newly available technological devices are steps toward “building a digital presence” at the Woodruff library.

“I see the circulation of iPads as one piece of the digital pie, if you will,” Bragg wrote. “Our collections are increasingly spread between print materials, DVDs and CDs, streaming media and ebooks. Shouldn’t we circulate the hardware that allows our patrons to easily connect to our online collections?”

Pici also noted that if users damage the iPads or Nooks, they will be fined according to the damage incurred.

Borrowers will also be expected to pay $600 and $250 for the iPad and Nook Color, respectively, for a device that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

A $20 fine will also be charged for damaged or lost device carrying cases.

In an effort to make eReaders available to all those who are interested, Bragg explained, patrons will only be able to borrow one eReader device at a time and will be charged a fee of $5 each day the eReader is overdue.

Pici said the service has been a success thus far, citing the fact that all of the iPads were rented within hours of their debut at the library last month.

However, both Pici and Bragg mentioned that they hope to increase the number of iPads and Nook Color eReaders available for rental in the future. Bragg said the iPad has become one of the library’s “most popular items.”

The Oxford College Library has similarly made 10 iPads — five iPads and five iPad2s — available for student rental. According to the Oxford College Library’s website, students can check out these iPads for 24 hour periods.

— Contact Joy-Annette Atsegbua.

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